Online Coaching v/s Classroom Coaching

Thanks to COVID-19, online coaching is in vogue nowadays. However, traditionalists still argue that classroom coaching is the best and perhaps the only way to learn effectively. We at Webberz believe that if done right, online coaching is hundreds of times better than brick-and-mortar classroom coaching. We are not bragging about ourselves, but, our

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5 Benefits of Online Coaching Over Conventional Coaching

There was a time when 4 out of 5 aspirants went to Kota to prepare for competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. The aim was to make that 1 year in Kota count and life-changing in a positive manner. But, the constant pressure to study more and to move to a higher batch made

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Online Coaching: 5 Steps That Work Great in 2021

As an online coach, you work exclusively online. Most often, you don’t meet your clients in person or market yourself locally. Instead, all your coaching and marketing is done with online tools, like the scheduling tool Calendly, the video meeting tool Zoom, and payment tools like Stripe and PayPal. And that’s exactly why online

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