As an online coach, you work exclusively online. Most often, you don’t meet your clients in person or market yourself locally. Instead, all your coaching and marketing is done with online tools, like the scheduling tool Calendly, the video meeting tool Zoom, and payment tools like Stripe and PayPal.

And that’s exactly why online coaching has so many benefits. Because you work online, your business offers you flexibility, scalability, AND the chance to impact thousands of people. Not only that, an online business has a low overhead and low startup costs (all you need to get started is a laptop). Plus, if you start online coaching as a side business while you’re in your 9-5, your business is pretty much risk-free.

As you’ll see, these benefits are the reason I was able to scale my own coaching business to multiple six figures so fast. Ultimately, this allowed me to leave my 9-5 and set up a full-time business (I’m now in my 5th year). Since then, I’ve helped thousands of new coaches start their businesses, which I couldn’t have done with any other business model.