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We are manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Press tool accessories, Die Springs, Mould & Mould Base Accessories products in the international arena. Based on our infrastructure, we develop high precision, accurate tools with engineering excellence.

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Press tools are commonly used in hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical presses to produce components at high volumes. Generally press tools are categorized by the types of operation performed using the tool, such as blanking, piercing, bending, forming, forging, trimming etc.

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We are one of the reliable manufacturers, supplier and exporter of Press tool Accessories i.e. Piercing Punches, Square Piercing Punch, Double Step Punch, Pin Punches, Step Punch, HSS Punches, HSS Block Punch, Oval / Capsule Punch, Metal punch, Pilot punch, Carbide Punch, Industrial piercing punches.

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