Die Buttons

Die Buttons serve as a counterpart of the punch and provide the opposite cutting edge in the stamping process. As a result, the optimum ratio of shear or burnish to rollover and break of the generated hole can be ensured. During the stamping process, the incurred slug falls through the hole of the die button, also called as slug relief hole.

In addition to the standards listed above, Rukmani Industries offers a large number of custom shapes.

Rukmani Industries the most widely used variants under the category Die Buttons. This includes die buttons according to ISO 8977, die buttons with tapered relief and die buttons VERSATILE with limited tolerance.

Die Buttons are mounted either in cutting plates, in separate die button retainer or directly in cast iron.

Die Buttons for shaped punches must always be secured against rotation. Anti-rotation flats can be milled on the head or along the entire body of the die button.