Thanks to COVID-19, online coaching is in vogue nowadays. However, traditionalists still argue that classroom coaching is the best and perhaps the only way to learn effectively. We at Webberz believe that if done right, online coaching is hundreds of times better than brick-and-mortar classroom coaching. We are not bragging about ourselves, but, our results substantiate our claim. We believe that online coaching is a far better way to prepare for any exam or any subject. The reasons are numerous, which we will list out below.

A good mentor is usually the difference between success and failure. Be it sports, academics or life. Right since your young days, we are introduced to the world of academic coaching. Fortunately, technology has brought about a sea change in coaching since.

With online coaching being made available to students, there are many advantages that are on offer which the traditional classroom coaching centers could not provide. Here are some of the benefits that online coaching offers over classroom coaching: